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·       Represented defendants in fraudulent transfer suit brought by bankruptcy trustee seeking damages of $11 million.  After successfully persuading the Court to exclude much of the oppoing side's expert opinions, a take-nothing judgment was entered in favor of the defendants. 
·       Represented landowner/borrower in wrongful foreclosure suit against seller/lender.  After developing a claim based upon the lender's violation of the bankruptcy stay when the lender foreclosed, the case settled for $8 million, greatly exceeding the previous settlement offer of $0 when prior law firms were representing the landowner/borrower. 

·       Represented senior lienholders in suit against junior lienholder to establish priority of lien, debt balance and obtain damages exceeding $1 million resulting from conversion and tortuous interference with senior lienholders’ contract rights to collateral proceeds.

·       Represented owner of medical office building in suit against lender for recovery of payments to lender for lender’s force-placed terrorism insurance and usurious charges.

·       Represented limited partners in suit against general partner in gas well joint venture for fraud and statutory fraud.

·       Represented lot developer in suit against national home builder for breach of lot purchase agreement.

·       Represented owners of apartment complexes in Florida, Louisiana and Texas in suit against lender for recovery of payments to lender for lender’s force-placed windstorm insurance and usurious charges.

·       Represented limited partner in suit against general partner/developer/general contractor for $1.8 million in construction draws improperly paid by limited partnership to general partner.

·       Represented lot developer in restrictive covenant revocation and misrepresentation action brought by homebuilder.

·       Represented regional dealer/lessor of trailers in suit brought by South Korean manufacturer for debt of $21 million and misrepresentation, obtaining workout of debt and dismissal of lawsuit.

·       Represented residential builder in suit brought by lot developer for breach of purchase contract, obtaining settlement after filing a motion for summary judgment showing the contract was unenforceable.

·       Represented Appellee landlord in forcible detainer action.

·       Represented lower tier supplier in case against construction project surety and owner, resulting in summary judgment for recovery of full amount owed and all attorneys’ fees.

·       Represented seller of shopping center in suit brought by purchaser for breach of contract seeking to add two exception tracts to sale.

·       Represented general contactor and its primary insurer in declaratory judgment action brought by subcontractor’s insurer regarding disputed coverage issues following the workplace accident severely injuring the subcontractor’s employee.

·       Represented developer in $1.3 million exactions claim against municipality.

·       Represented union fund pursuing collection of $1.4 million judgment.

·       Represented commercial plumbing employer in negligence suit filed by former employee alleging on-the-job injuries, obtaining take-nothing judgment.

·       Represented subcontractor in suit against owner and general contractor for collection of unpaid invoices.

·       Represented commercial loan originator in enforcement and collection of arbitration award against borrower.

·       Represented lower-tier supplier/lien claimant in case against purchaser of property at foreclosure, resulting in recovery of full amount owed of $0.4 million.  

·       Represented minority investor in $8 million property in suit against majority owner, obtaining judgment in favor of investor.

·       Represented national insurer/surety in defense of probate, guardianship construction and supersedeas bond claims/lawsuits.

·       Represented clients in collection of $10 million judgment, obtaining turnover order and garnishment judgment for judgment debtor’s assets.

·       Represented guarantor in suit filed by multi-regional bank, obtaining take-nothing summary judgment.

·       Represented local banks in collection of unpaid debts and defending various taxing authorities’ in rem tax suits.

·       Represented borrower in defense of $3.3 million suit for unpaid promissory note brought by regional bank, resulting in take-nothing judgment in favor of borrower.

·       Represented apartment management company in defense of former employee’s wrongful termination suit, obtaining dismissal of suit.  

·       Represented judgment debtor in defense of garnishment action on $0.8 million payment bond, obtaining take-nothing judgment in garnishment case and opening judgment/bond to further attack, resulting in $20,000 settlement.

·       Represented residential marketing database licensor in misrepresentation/DTPA case brought by licensee, resulting in settlement on eve of hearing on licensor’s motion for summary judgment.
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